Maci Shannon Named District Educator of the Year

Eanes Elementary third grade teacher Maci Shannon was named Eanes ISD Educator of the Year at tonight's Employee Recognition and Retiree dinner.

Mrs. Shannon has been teaching 13 years, the past five in Eanes ISD. During her time at Eanes Elementary, she has served in a variety of vital roles including team leader, Central Texas Writing Project Mentor, District third grade math and social studies leader, and she has served on the Digital Learning Task Force, League of Innovators, and Campus Leadership Team.

Ms. Shannon exudes grace, poise, and confidence, innovatively meeting the needs of all of her students each and every year. She is known as a lead learner in the area of seamless technology integration to skillfully use technology devices as creation stations versus avenues for app exploration only. Mrs. Shannon is a phenomenal leader, humble to the core. She is thoughtful, creative, and kind, and a wonderful asset to Eanes Elementary and Eanes ISD.

The nine campus winners participated in an interview process to select the 2018 District Educator of the Year. The Westlake Rotary Club sponsors the award and Rotary members serve on the District selection committee. The Westlake Rotary Club will recognize all nine Educators of the Year at a Rotary meeting held May 11, 2018.

The Campus Educators of the Year are:
Barton Creek Elementary –Andrea Hughes, Speech Pathologist

Ms. Hughes has been a Speech Therapist for 14 years, 6 years in the private setting and 8 years in the school setting. She has been with Eanes ISD for 2 years. Currently, she is a Speech Therapist at Barton Creek Elementary. Mrs. Hughes has served on the BCE Veteran's Day and Campus Beautification committees this school year. Hughes is easily one of the most positive, flexible and caring members of the BCE family. She is always finding creative approaches to improve the communication of our students. For example, we have a coffee cart that is serviced by our students in the life skills classroom. With the help of Mrs. Hughes, the BCE Baristas were in business. She was able to find an app that enabled our students to greet and take coffee order from our staff. This is just one of the many ways Andrea makes a difference on our campus. The BCE community is a better place because of her.

Bridge Point Elementary School – Dawn Skonieczny, Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Skonieczny is a master teacher who embodies all of the characteristics of the Eanes educator profile. She has 26 years of experience (13 years at Bridge Point) teaching kindergarten, yet she treats each new year and each new group of students with the excitement, curiosity, and passion of a new teacher. She embraces technology in her classroom and engages her students with new and different wonderful learning opportunities each year. She is extremely patient and promotes a growth mindset with her students by celebrating both their achievements and mistakes. Finally, Dawn continues to feed her curiosity about her profession by continually learning from her students, her peers, and even those outside of teaching in order to be the consummate professional she is. She is a shining example of what a great teacher can be and can do.

Cedar Creek Elementary School – Amy Tillman, Instructional Partner

As a veteran educator, Ms. Tillman has been in the education profession for 23 years. Whether a teacher, student or administrator needs help, Mrs. Tillman is always available to assist. Mrs. Tillman is an Instructional Partner who can be found in a variety of locations at CCE. At the beginning of the day, she faithfully conducts her morning duty helping children in the crosswalk. This year, Mrs. Tillman has been at the helm of several programs such as TELPAS and the 4th grade STAAR writing pilot. In her spare time, Mrs. Tillman is finishing her K-12 librarian certification from the University of Texas.

Forest Trail Elementary – Mallory Brightwell, First Grade Teacher
Ms. Brightwell has been teaching seven years, all of which have been with Eanes ISD. Currently, she teaches first grade at Forest Trail. Mallory has served the campus as being her team lead, serving on the Forest Trail Campus Leadership Team, and as a representative on our Sunshine Committee. She also has served the District by participating on the first grade math committee. Mallory is one of the most sincere and inclusive people you will ever meet. Her ability to find the positive in every situation is enviable, and her positivity is contagious. What makes Mallory so special is her ability to connect. She makes a difference in lives every day through her passion for our profession and her love for all students.

Valley View Elementary – Pam Alden, First Grade Teacher
Prior to serving as a first grade teacher at Valley View, Pam Alden was beloved as a parent and volunteer for six years. Her passion to serve others and love of children, paired with her gentle nature and tremendous work ethic, make her a perfect fit at Valley View.
Pam is a humble and quiet leader on campus. Her genuine warmth and true desire to connect with others is evident in all she says and does. She is an expert in designing instruction that honors students' academic, social and emotional needs. Her classroom is truly a student-centered place. She is a cheerleader and champion for all students. Pam celebrates students not only at school, but can be seen at swim meets, birthday parties, sporting events, musical recitals and more. She sees the best and brings out the best in every one of us.

Hill Country Middle School – Sheeba Arthur, Algebra/Geometry Teacher
Ms. Sheeba Arthur encourages all of her students and accepts nothing but their best. She is continually working to make sure her students understand difficult concepts in Algebra and Geometry and will work with students before or after school to help them understand and be successful. She has been a full-time math teacher for the past 11 years, the most recent five at Hill Country. This extraordinary educator puts her heart and soul into her classroom and for her, the ultimate success is when her students are succeeding. Ms. Arthur has the ability to have high standards and expectations at the same time students know she cares for every single one of them.

West Ridge Middle School – Julie Moore, Texas History Teacher
Ms. Julie Moore has been teaching 17 years, with 1 and 1/2 of them in Eanes ISD. Currently, she teaches Texas History at West Ridge MS. This year she served as 7th-grade history team lead. Julie is an incredible educator who truly understands kids in the middle - and that is no easy feat! She is the master of creating lessons that maximize student engagement.
We are so happy that Julie and her family decided to move to Eanes and we are so fortunate that she chose to share her gifts with the students at West Ridge MS. In such a short time, she has earned the respect of her colleagues, our parents, and most importantly, our students.

Westlake High School – Valerie Taylor, Instructional Partner/English Teacher
Ms. Valerie Taylor has been an educator for 33 years with 28 years in Eanes ISD. Valerie is currently our Humanities Instructional Partner. Valerie has been English 1 and 2 teacher, English 3 Enriched teacher and English 4 AP while also currently co-teaching in our AP Capstone Program. Valerie has also served as the President of the National Council of English teachers. Valerie is known for her loyalty and commitment to WHS especially in regards to students and staff. Valerie even took on the role as our STEM IP as well while also helping to lead our new teacher academy, beginning our Teacher Innovation Academy and STAAR Remediation. She is a tireless worker and champion for all of our students and staff-she has a sincerity of purpose that resonates with all stakeholders. When one spends time with Valerie, they quickly gain an appreciation for one educator who is totally committed to excellence and opportunities for all.

Employees with 25 years' experience and those retiring were also recognized.
Al Bennett, WHS
Jane Carrell, VVE
Nancy Donaldson, WHS
Suzanne Flowers, HCMS
Gail Hudgins, CCE
Becky Hyink, WHS
Mo Greulich, BCE
Carol Jolink, HCMS
Timothy Jordan, WHS
Linda Kimbrough, FTE
Tracy Kriese, WRMS
John Linnell, BCE
Barbara McFarland, WHS
Kim McLaughlin, BPE
Bonnie Seelig, FTE
Debbie Smith, EE
Tim Wysong, Transportation

25 Years
Sok-Sun Chon, WRMS
Connie Gammill, WRMS
David Kee, HCMS